bastet's knife "neken apep"

an obsidian knife birthright

weapon (melee)

“neken apep” has the following characteristics and abilities.
accuracy +1
damage +2L
defence +0
speed 4
grants moon perveiw
grants sun perveiw
Sacrifice one legend point and all poisonous animals in the area are cowed into submission.


Upon learning the truth of her birth (Ty’s character’s name here)was given among her other birthrights a simple looking knife made from obsidian with a wooden handle. While not much to look at it weilds a great deal of power.

The knife is an important part of solar and lunar symbology. The knife is a part of the “follower” glyph which was shown on board the solar boat of Ra. Further, Basete slew the serpent Apep with a knife when he threatened her father Ra, god of the sun. The cresent moon was imagined to be a knife in the hand of moon-gods such as Khonsu, Basete’s son.

Due to the magic inherent in images of the knife, malevolent creatures such as scorpions and snakes were often depicted cut with knives to render them powerless.


bastet's knife "neken apep"

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